Connected Capabilities

BTS Digital is a specialist team and a capability. We create immersive, interactive digital experiences that enable participants to build skills and apply them, align to organizational strategy and improve business results.

Our results-focused capabilities cover a broad range of digital services: gaming and simulation; marketing; change management; virtual facilitation; instructional design; curriculum development and analysis; mobile and social opportunities; live event integration; learning systems and architecture integration.

How We Deliver Value

We tear down the wall between marketing and the business by aligning the two functions to the business’ strategy, building a customer-driven mindset, and developing the necessary capabilities for excellent marketing execution. Our development programs help your people understand how their role contributes to the strategy, strengthening cross-functional collaboration and understanding between marketing and sales. We do this using a wide array of powerful methodologies that enable participants to learn through life-like experiences that include simulations, webinars, board games, engage maps, performance support, and videos.

Areas Where We Play

  • Creating cross-functional strategy alignment
  • Improving specialized marketing skills based on the business strategy
  • Developing strategic thinking by building a big-picture perspective of marketing
  • Advancing digital marketing in the context of the business
  • Building a customer-centric mindset
  • Driving marketing excellence across all functions and roles through blended learning journeys

Our Approach to Marketing

Experience tells us that there are three essential pillars of marketing execution: team members need the proper alignment, mindset, and capabilities to execute on your businesses’ strategy. We develop all three in your people using a variety of time-tested approaches, such as webinars, face-to-face programs, and consultative workshops. These powerful methodologies allow us to establish a common mindset, develop basic skills and knowledge, build a culture of knowledge-sharing, and get everyone on board with the new strategy in a successful and sustainable way.

Webinars reach large groups of people in a scalable, interactive manner, while classroom training provides an intimate, face-to-face learning experience. Our consultative workshops provide us with the opportunity to dive deeply into the specific needs of your marketing and sales functions, and help your people develop the skills they need to successfully achieve the results your organization wants to see.

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